02Nationwide Sales and Service Sites

To provide a fast and optimal service (arrival within 24 hours) when responding to the GoService IoT system, Fusheng service vehicles are installed with GPS tracking systems so that the closest vehicle to the demand site can be contacted and reached for immediate assistance.

03Service System that’s ahead of the industry (GoService)

Clients can access all the operating information and statements via the GoService platform anytime and anywhere. In cases of abnormal trips or alarm signals, our service center will be informed immediately through GoService, and we will be able to assist clients in troubleshooting and getting the production lines running again in minimal time.

04International Certification

ISO50001 EnMS Lead Auditor

CMVP International Certificate

05Professional Measuring Instruments

Power Quality Analyzers

Infrared Camera

Pressure Gauge Calibrator

Orifice Flowmeter

HY-101 Vibration Tester

Thermal Mass Flow Meters

SDT Leak Detector

FLIR One Thermal Camera for Smartphones

Online Operation Monitoring and Recording System

06Troubleshooting Guide


07Maintenance parts stock inventory control at service provider
  • A balanced storage of parts is maintained by service providers to ensure minimal troubleshooting time during machine downtimes that are due to failure of old parts.
  • Ten listed parts required to be in inventory for the SA and ZW series are:
    Controller Maintenance kit for temperature control valve Maintenance kit for pressure maintenance valve Inlet valve Pressure transmitter Loading & unloading solenoid valves Relief solenoid valve Airend non-return valve Air-cooled cooler Temperature sensor
  • A型、OLD系列、W型、代理品與停產機型,提前3個月提出需求或年度需求量,由復盛先請購放置庫存,則服務商須於當年度購置及出庫,未事先提出之零件需求則依據供應商提供的實際交期為主,無法即時提供相關零件。
0824H Customer Service Line


Online Chat




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