The injected water of the SWV-series functions as both a sealant and a coolant. It reduces leakage between the rotors and the housing, which can improve a compressor’s efficiency by 15% when compared to a dry screw compressor. Injected water also mixes with the compressed air to efficiently cool down and dissipate the heat generated in the compression process, thus allowing an almost isothermal compression. 
The SWV series airends were designed to provide good air quality, perfect performance, and high reliability. It generates 100% oil-free compressed air for all applications where clean air is crucial in producing products of the highest quality. 

Uses a high efficiency variable-frequency Drive (VFD) and a VFD compatible motor

VSD-based controller: with the use of microprocessor intelligent control, the controller can provide constant air based on demand pressure.

Low maintenance cost: only a small amount of component parts and consumable materials

Environmental Protection: Surfaces are coated with a special alloy to prevent any corrosion in the airend or other components. Injected water is filtered by high quality water filters to ensure clean, good quality water.

Isothermal compression: Optimum efficiency is achieved in isothermal compression. For theoretically adiabatic compression, inlet air at 20°C can be compressed at 7 bar(g) with a temperature of over 250°C. This heat generated from the compression process is removed by injecting water into the compression chamber. By using injected water as coolant, the temperature of the compression chamber can be cooled down to 40°C, creating a highly efficient and isothermal process. The water film also seals the gaps between the rotors and the housing to reduce internal leakage.

Reliable sealing system: the airends of the SWV series are supported by precise roller bearings with oil lubrication. The compression chamber and bearing chamber is separated by a buffer chamber with an oil seal and a water seal. The leakage from the oil side into the compression chamber is avoided.

Dry Air: Low viscosity injected water is easily separated from compressed air. The separated compressed air is in 100%RH and can be easily dried by a dryer.

Low Noise: With injected water, the airend can be run at a much lower speed in comparison to a dry screw compressor with less noise. The new design enclosure ensures that the compressor is operated at a lower noise level.

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Model Working Pressure (kg/c㎡G) Delivery (m³/min) Motor Power HP(kW) Weight (kg) Dimensions L.W.H (mm)
7 2.2 20 (15) 1000 1900x1100x1750
8 2.1 20 (15) 1000 1900x1100x1750
9 2 20 (15) 1000 1900x1100x1750
7 3.4 30 (22) 1000 1900x1100x1750
8 3.1 30 (22) 1000 1900x1100x1750
9 3 30 (22) 1000 1900x1100x1750
7 4.7 40 (30) 1400 2100x1200x1850
8 4.4 40 (30) 1400 2100x1200x1850
9 4.3 40 (30) 1400 2100x1200x1850
7 5.8 50 (37) 1400 2100x1200x1850
8 5.3 50 (37) 1400 2100x1200x1850
9 5 50 (37) 1400 2100x1200x1850
7 5.8 50 (37) 1400 2100x1200x1850
8 5.3 50 (37) 1400 2100x1200x1850
9 5 50 (37) 1400 2100x1200x1850
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Textile Industry
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