The ZW series oil-free single screw air compressor is both eco-friendly and energy-efficient. The compressor uses pure drinkable water as a lubricant, which is used for sealing, cooling, and lubrication. The water is injected and fills the gaps inside the compressor chamber to minimize the leaking of compressed air, significantly reducing power consumption and ensuring better compression efficiency than dry compressors. When compared to single stage dry compressors, the ZW series have a 15% increased capacity. The compression cycle produces near-ideal isothermal compression to ensure high compression efficiency. The compressor also produces sterile compressed air and uses oil-free lubricant to minimize environmental pollution and maintenance costs. The compressor is designed with a unique single-screw force-balance structure with low operating noise.

Gate rotors are held by water-lubricated ceramic plain bearings. These create a large air chamber between the mechanical seals and bearings. This prevents water vapor from going to the bearings, therefore increasing reliability.

On top of using water that meets the drinking standard, water filter were also added to remove any impurities to provide pure compressed air.

The ZW Series is equipped with the single screw airend that is made in Japan. The airend was launched in 1982 and has proven its effectiveness with more than 30 years in the market. This airend ensures the best air quality, energy-savings, and reliability.

A water treatment processor increases pH levels, reduces metal ions, and decreases the solubility of calcium carbonate and water hardness. It also releases zinc ions that will prevent internal corrosion in the pipe by preventing ferric oxide on the internal surface of pipelines.

Anti-corrosion materials and processes are introduced in the airend to prevent any rusting. New materials, such as ceramics and carbon fiber, are applied inside the compression chamber. An ultra-fine water filter and automatic water filling function ensure clean water and clean compressed air.

The compressor is running nearly isothermal compression, direct driven by a motor with high-quality components and long-life bearings. The service intervals greatly extended as a result.

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Model (Fixed Speed) Working Pressure (kg/c㎡G) Delivery (m³/min) Motor Power (HP) Weight (kg) Dimension LxWxH(mm)
7 9.5 75 1700 2290x1230x1450
7 13 100 1850 2290x1230x1450
7 16 120 2695 2840x1630x1740
7 18.2 135 2745 2840x1630x1740
7 21.3 160 2800 2840x1630x1740
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